Biochemical Techniques

Spectrophotometer Instrumentation: Principle and Applications

Spectrophotometer Instrumentation

What are the essential components of Spectrophotometer instrumentation? What is Electromagnetic radiation? Electromagnetic radiation has been put to many uses in our daily routine. Radio and television broadcasting, medical x-ray, etc. are some common examples. Electromagnetic radiation in analytical chemistry gained much importance during the last 50 years to characterize materials. Electromagnetic radiation in the region of 200 to 700nm is generally …

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What is Ion Exchange Chromatography and its Applications

Ion Exchange Chromatography

W.Cohn first developed ion exchange chromatography procedure.  The reversible exchange of ions in solution with ions electrostatically bound to some sort of insoluble support medium. The ion exchange chromatography in protein purification has very important role. Basics of Biochemical TechniquesWhat is Paper Chromatography? Principle and ProcedureNinhydrin test or Ninhydrin reagent What is ion exchange chromatography? Ion exchange chromatography definition (or ion chromatography) is …

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What is Paper Chromatography? Principle, Procedure, Types, and Applications

paper chromatography

Paper chromatography has proved to be very successful in the analysis of chemical compounds and lipid samples in particular. In paper chromatography, the sample mixture is applied to a piece of filter paper, the edge of the paper is immersed in a solvent, and the solvent moves up the paper by capillary action. It is the simplest and commonest form of …

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